Wireless Fire Alarm System


Genral Features

  • Crystalloid and double-frequency FM transmitting technology, strong anti-interference, adaptable temperature and stable transmitting distance.
  • Two groups of output interfaces for NO/ NC. It can be used in the devices of linkage alarms or sirens.
  • Clew/ report/ restore to report on low battery or power.
  • Be compatible with wireless long-distance alarm panels (229MHz) from our company.
  • Be suitable for outdoor environment and waterproof.
  • Tamper & anti-sabotage design.
  • lOwn 2 wired zones, which can make NO/NC by the end-of-line resistances.
  • Learn code with remote controllers and detectors automatically.
  • Transmit 8 remote controllers and 24 detectors, the 24 detectors are corresponding to 24 wireless zones of the alarm system.
  • Report the state of Arm/ Disarm to the alarm system.

  • Working Power: DC 12V(1pc 27A 12V alkaline battery)
  • Standby current:≤1uA
  • Alarm current:: ≤400mA
  • Battery::12V 1.3A
  • Wireless Distance (Transmitting)::3~10km
  • Wireless Distance (receiving): ≥800m(in oper area)
  • Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C
  • Frequency: Receiving 433Mhz transmiting 229Mhz
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DV-53B English 163kb 2014-09-09
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