Wireless Fire Alarm System


Genral Features

  • Emitting Indicator: Press any key. If the light is on, which means it is sending signal. If the light cannot be on, please change the battery.
  • Arm key: It is for Away Home Mode. Press this key, main unit will take a short "Di" sound, then the main unit will be in arm state of away home mode.
  • Disarm key: Press this key,main unit will take four short "Di" sound. Then the main unit will be in disarm state.
  • Panic key: Press this key, main unit will make alarm sound immediately.

  • Working voltage: DC 12V(1pc 27A 12V alkaline battery)
  • Standby current:≤1uA
  • Working current: ≤18mA
  • Emit frequency:433.92MHz±100KHz
  • Emit power:≥90mW(@DC 12V)
Product Type Language File Size Publish Date Download
DV-13B-E English 163kb 2014-09-09
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