Long-range Wireless100 Zone Security Alarm for Security Alarm

Long Range Wireless Alarm

Genral Features

  • Dial Module is optional
  • Real Time module is optional.
  • 60 pieces of latest alarm message can be inquiried.
  • Rechargeble backup battery (12V 1.2Ah) is optional
  • 10 pieces of latest alarm message can be scroll display simultaneously.
  • Three kinds of alarm sound and four levels of alarm volumes are optional.
  • The detectors can automatically match codes with alarm host. it's simple and tast.
  • Two groups of timer-open/time-colse time can be set, and it also indicate the current state.
  • A group of normal open, a group of normal close and +12V DC outputting are provided to control other devices ( e.g., startup alarm siren, alarm light, alarm linkage and etc.)

  • Working voltage: AC 220V±15%; DC 9.6V - 14V
  • Standby current: Equal or less 70mA (including)
  • Working current: Better than 0.2μV (12dB signal-to-noise ratio)
  • Alarm loudness: Equal or more 100dB within 1m
  • Distance: 3-10 Km
  • Wireless Frequency : 229MHz wireless alarm
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Long Range Wireless Alarm English 151kb 2014-09-09
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